Expert opinions


Professor Robert Danon delivers independent expert opinions, notably in matters involving:

International tax law

  • International and comparative taxation, including all issues triggered by the BEPS initiative 1.0 and 2.0;
  • Tax treaty law;
  • Transfer pricing;
  • Dispute resolution (mutual agreement procedures, arbitrations, including investment or commercial law arbitrations);
  • Administrative assistance;
  • Public international law.

Swiss tax law

  • Swiss tax law (direct and indirect taxation);
  • Corporate and MNE group taxation, restructurings;
  • Wealth and estate planning (including planning vehicles such as trusts and foundations);
  • Constitutional and administrative law.

These expert opinions are delivered to governments, taxpayers or their advisors (second opinions) or, for example, in the framework of a litigation, a mutual agreement procedure, a tax audit, in anticipation or in support of a ruling request.


Professor Robert Danon is an independent expert in international and Swiss tax law.

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