Dispute Prevention and Resolution Strategies: Bringing the Pieces Together

9 March 2021, 16-17.30hrs CET

On 9 March at 16-17.30hrs CET, Professor Robert Danon will be
speaking at a webinar “Dispute Prevention and Resolution Strategies:
Bringing the Pieces Together" organized by our international tax network
of experts Danon, Douma & Kofler.

Join our network's members for an interactive discussion on a number of
core issues in the context of the ever-changing landscape of dispute
prevention and dispute resolution in tax matters and the importance of
clear, thorough and independent tax expertise in this context.

Danon Douma & Kofler hopes that this webinar is also a start to
stimulate further discussions and interactions between experts from the
tax and the investment law community.

Download flyer here


Professor Robert Danon is an independent expert in international and Swiss tax law.

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